Ritson and Sharp: what is wrong with the way today’s marketers are trained

Marketing Week asked two of the leading marketing thinkers, professors Mark Ritson and Byron Sharp, who they admire most in the world of business and what is wrong with the way today’s marketers are trained.

Which marketing company do you most admire and why?

Ritson: P&G. It was so far ahead of everyone else in creating brand management at its company in the pre-war years and with Marc Pritchard that spirit of being in the vanguard of stewarding best practice in marketing is continuing.

Sharp: I meet many impressive marketers in impressive companies. These companies have much to be proud of, as the modern market economy is just amazing. For example, step into a Whole Foods Market and the choices available are astonishing; it’s a wonderland.

That said, I hate this sort of question. I’m not going to put any one company on a pedestal. I don’t want to make the mistake of all those rubbish books that identify ‘excellent companies’ and the one secret to their success. Instead, I strongly recommend reading the book…

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