Ritson: ‘It’s time for ‘share of search’ to replace ‘share of voice’

James Peckham was a smart guy. He joined AC Nielsen in his early 20s and spent the next 43 years working for the company. He was one of Nielsen’s most important and senior marketing thinkers, working at the company during the key ‘Mad Men’ era. But his claim to fame goes well beyond simply being a big player, at a big company, during a big time in the history of marketing.

Peckham is one of the few marketers to have a theory named after him. Peckham’s Formula posits that when you launch a brand you should set its advertising budget based on your desired share of market. Specifically, your initial share of voice should be 1.5 times the desired market share you want to achieve by the end of the brand’s second year.

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