Secret Marketer: The rapid pace of digital won’t change human nature

    Human nature has been unchanged for over 100,000 years and while basic human needs won’t be altered by digital, satisfying them wil.

    At a recent marketing breakfast, an attendee told me that the trendier parts of London and Manchester are using electrical milk floats to deliver milk to homes and offices. Since the dawn of time, the sound of milk bottles rattling on electric-powered milk floats has been common. The floats looked nothing like a Tesla Model S and you could probably walk faster than its top speed, so who would have thought that hipsters would be going backwards in the future?

    My fellow reminiscer went on to ask what constants I thought would remain in marketing five or 10 years from now, given the rapid speed of change in the marketing world.

    We agreed that the vagaries of human nature would stay the same. And since homo sapiens are pretty much unchanged for over 100,000 years, it’s safe to assume a version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs will still be true, as will the need for food and water, shelter, clothing, safety and healthcare.

    Similarly, our need for certainty, significance, connection and growth as individuals is going to continue, as is the need for variety. Our basic needs won’t change. It is how we will arrange our lives to satisfy these basic needs that will be different. While the needs are constant, the forms we express them in are continually changing.

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