‘Brands today are populated by many people who don’t understand the basics of marketing’


    Ahead of the Creative Business Symposium at SohoCreate, which is being held in partnership with Marketing Week sister title Creative Review, Sir John Hegarty shares his views on the role creativity should play in driving business growth and what it takes to be a modern marketer.

    What role should creativity play in driving business growth?

    Are creative and marketing industries at risk of losing out to tech companies and digital media giants? How should the industry address the potential talent gap?Creativity is fundamental to business growth. People forget that a new business idea is more often a creative act. Maintaining that idea and driving its success requires creativity to be at the heart of the business. Think what Apple would have been have like without the driving force of the late Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive? Just don’t be afraid of creativity. It’s an ally.

    Brands today are populated by many marketing people who don’t understand the basics of marketing. They are in thrall to technology not ideas. Technology enables opportunity; creativity creates value. This has got to be the best time ever to be in marketing yet we’re seeing very little that captures the consumer’s imagination. Big brand-driving ideas are few and far between. Constant change seems to be the dominating force, yet value is created by consistency and a desire to refresh that consistency, making it constantly relevant.

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