Sir Martin Sorrell: ‘Brands are starting to question if they have over-invested in digital’

    Sir Martin Sorrell expects further admissions that brands have over-invested in some areas of digital after Procter & Gamble said it went too far in targeting consumers on Facebook.

    WPP’s CEO Sir Martin Sorrell expects growth in digital ad spend to slow over the next few years as concerns over viewability, ad fraud and measurement impact budgets.

    Speaking on the company’s earnings call this morning (24 August), Sorrell said brands are increasingly questioning their digital ad spend. He cited the example of Procter & Gamble, which is planning to cut investment in targeted Facebook advertising after admitting it went too far.

    He explained: “What has really been happening is questioning digital growth. One of our major clients has talked about investment in Facebook and reducing that, not overall but investment on particular areas of activity.

    “We have seen this before in arguments about viewability, ad fraud and measurement issues, not forgetting ad blocking. That is where the debate is.”

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