Stop boosting all your content on social

Go to any brand’s social page today, chances are its flooded with content. While creating content is no doubt healthy for a brand’s overall organic growth, too much paid content can be a bad thing.

“Its very difficult for marketers, when they create content, to decide which content will yield the highest return on investment,” said Moses Velasco, chief product evangelist of Socialbakers. But one thing is for sure – by no means, should you be boosting all of your content.

“When we started to do deep research on paid content on Facebook, we saw a high percentage of content being invested in, which actually shouldn’t be invested in, because it didn’t yield high return. We saw this increase in pay to play scenario where marketers just thought more is better and promote everything to get the result you want,” he said.

This is one of the biggest mistakes marketers today are making, he added.

Today, a lot of brands have 100% paid strategy but this is not right. What brand marketers should be trying to achieve is a nice split between healthy organic reach and paid activity to accomplish objectives.

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