‘Stop Oversimplifying B2B Marketing, It’s fundamentally different from B2C’

Why is there a deluge of headlines urging B2B marketers to think more like B2C brands? The B2B sales process is inherently different from B2C, and marketing that fails to reflect this will not succeed.

Think of it this way: a sneaker company convinces one person at a time to buy a pair. The average shopper does a light Google search; compares reviews, prices and colors, and then pulls the trigger. A B2B enterprise needs to convince a coalition of discerning decision-makers, many of whom have different priorities, to agree on what is probably a big-ticket item. It’s as if that sneaker company needed to convince five-to-seven sneaker aficionados to buy the same pair at the same time, all at a five-figure+ price tag.

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