Study: Majority Of People More Loyal To Brands That Care About Them

Put aside engagement, site visits, and app downloads for a second. Companies, instead, should focus on generating “wantedness,” according to a new study by Wunderman.

Here’s the context: Traditionally, loyalty has been measured based on consumers’ affinity to a particular brand. Wunderman’s study, “Wantedness,” reverses that concept, maintaining that brands must use data and technology to prove they care and can commit to earning their customers’ business. The notion of wantedness can be defined as the degree to which a brand demonstrates such a commitment across every consumer touch point.

“The big takeaway was how much people want brands to make them feel special,” said Jamie Gutfreund, global CMO at Wunderman. “The majority [79%] of consumers said that brands have to actually demonstrate that they understand and care about me before they are going to consider purchasing.”

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