Survey of UK marketers shows 81% are planning to leave post in the next 3 years


    The rise of short-termism, as outlined by a recent IPA report, is not only having an impact on creativity and long-term brand building, it could also be affecting the length of time a marketer stays in any given role.

    Short-term marketing tactics are increasingly taking precedence over long-term brand building, and whether it’s a symptom or a cause, the tenure of marketers is also getting shorter, as is the length of agency relationships.

    Marketing Week’s Salary Survey of UK marketers shows 81% are planning to leave their post in the next three years and 39% aim to exit within the next 12 months. In addition, Marketing Society figures show the average tenure of CMOs in the UK is only 18 months.

    This picture is echoed across the Atlantic as the average tenure of marketers at US consumer brand companies dropped from 48 months in 2014 to 44 months in 2015, the first decline in average tenure for a decade, according to a report from consulting firm Spencer Stuart.

    As marketers move from brand to brand so often, it calls into question whether CMOs are the best brand guardians, particularly when it comes to implementing long-term brand building campaigns.

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