Scott Galloway: CMOs should become chief intelligence officers

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Marketing departments need to become “intelligence units” that are plugged into the market and poised to add real value to the decision-making model in businesses, argues Professor Scott Galloway.

Speaking at the Festival of Marketing, the academic, author and entrepreneur described the CMO as being like the second lieutenant in Vietnam. They have a life expectancy of around 18 months and if they fail to immediately establish credibility they’re usually gone within two years.

For this reason, Galloway urged marketing leaders to position themselves as the person who is responsible for informing every part of the supply chain and understanding how the business maintains margin and differentiation. In effect, the CMO should become the chief intelligence officer.

“I find there’s two CMOs. There’s the CMO that came from the world of Don Draper and wants to spend money on marketing, uses the term ‘brand’ every other sentence and wants a bigger budget for marketing and advertising. I don’t think those CMOs last,” said Galloway.

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