Ritson’s top 10 marketing moments of 2021

From Reebok to Tiffany, Bezos to Burger King, brand purpose to Meta, Marketing Week’s trusty columnist reveals his top 10 marketing moments of the year.

10. Peloton capitalises on the death of Sex and the City’s Mr Big

It may have only happened last week, but Peloton’s reaction to the death of Mr Big in the new series of Sex and the City has just managed to sneak into Mark Ritson’s top 10 marketing moments of 2021. The much-loved character was killed off in the first episode by a heart attack while riding his Peloton bike – a moment the brand was completely unaware was coming.

While many lawyers and marketers clamoured for Peloton to sue for damages, the fitness brand instead capitalised on the free media coverage, turning around a new ad featuring Mr Big within 48 hours. And when Mr Big actor Chris Noth came under fire with allegations of sexual assault, Peloton reacted quickly again to pull the ad.

“It’s clear if you understand brand management that the presence of a Peloton bike in that episode was not bad for Peloton,” Ritson says. “It was a little bit good and zero bad.”

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