‘Search data is a gold mine for marketing strategy’

Search data reveals a lot about what consumers want and can inform on how to position a brand for growth and even what words will work best in a campaign. For the first time this autumn, a number of marketers that work on big brands and think about strategy and positioning, emotion and nuance have had a look at search data. Previously it had typically only been used by that other type of marketer. The type who chooses keywords, buys search ads and optimises websites for SEO.

And guess what? The big brand, big budget marketers have found it very exciting. Because – as Les Binet and James Hankins have shown – share of search is related to share of voice and sometimes it can even predict market share. It’s hugely useful, but still it only scratches the surface of what there is to learn from search data. When people search, they type in what they want or need, and often, what they’re willing to pay for. The data that those searches generate builds to nothing less than a full and detailed description of what economists call demand, or in other words, what it’s possible to sell.

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