The benefits of being an outsider: Why brands are hiring marketers with no sector experience

Many job ads make sector experience a prerequisite, but hiring an outsider is a powerful way to bring new thinking to a brand’s problems.

The consumer landscape is evolving at a faster rate than ever before, with more brands competing for people’s attention across an increasing number of channels, so running the same old marketing campaigns will no longer cut it. To make an impact and leave a lasting impression brands need to approach things differently.

One way to spark those new ideas is to hire a marketer with no experience of a particular sector – an outsider.

While it’s common for brands to seek previous experience in their sector and the accompanying knowledge of what drives the market, marketing is a highly transferable skill. There’s no reason why someone trained in FMCG or travel can’t take what they’ve learned and apply it to retail or finance.

There are far fewer boundaries between sectors today: if consumers get a first-class experience from one brand they will expect all other brands to offer the same level of service, regardless of whether it’s a retailer, a bank or a travel agent. By bringing in people who think differently from the norm in their category, brands get exposure to best practice that can help them stand apart from competitors.

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