The key trends that will impact marketers’ jobs in 2019


Effectiveness wins the battle over efficiency
This prediction might be more wishful thinking than based in reality, but there are signs 2019 could be the year marketers succeed in getting their businesses to prioritise effectiveness over mere efficiency.

Brands stop talking about being customer-centric
Brands often talk about being customer-centric but in reality, most businesses are still not set up with customers at their core. Simply installing a chief customer officer and hoping the rest will fall into place will not cut it in 2019.

The era of social media self-regulation is over
In a world of data breaches, hacking and fake news, social media giants will need to take greater responsibility for their communities if they are to avoid hefty regulation over the next 12 months.

Agencies under attack from all sides
Could 2019 be the year the agency model finally gets a 21st-century update? Putting aside the perennial complaints about pitches being too costly and time-consuming, the rise of the consultancies and a trend towards in-housing are now taking their toll.

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