The strategic case for diversity

These days, it seems you cannot be in a room with a group of marketers for even two minutes without being force-fed the latest spoonful of Weed-tasting brand purpose rhetoric. One after another, they line up to tell you how their brands are no longer providers of goods or services, but changing the world for the better.

Come to think of it, consumers should be so lucky that they exist. After all, what is the best way to increase diversity if not through buying a deodorant?

Just don’t look at what the marketers themselves are doing. While perfectly happy to tell anyone within earshot at Cannes how important diversity is, an embarrassingly low 11% of the (more than 1,000) award-winning entries came from agencies with an equal gender split at department and board-level. Less than 2% of Cannes Lions attendees were people of colour or from underrepresented communities.


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