‘There’s no magic formula’: The challenges of measuring marketing effectiveness

The ways to measure marketing effectiveness vary from brand to brand and campaign to campaign and can run the gamut from digital attribution to econometrics.

What marketers won’t find, however, is one technique that works in all circumstances. That’s the conclusion of the latest video in our series on marketing effectiveness, created in partnership with Thinkbox.

“There are lots of techniques, they’re all good in their own right, but there’s no one technique to rule them all,” says Matthew Chappel, partner at Gain Theory. “It’s about working out what the objective is, what the challenge is, what data you’ve got to fuel these, and then using all of those together to come up with the right technique for you.”

Yet Mark Ritson believes that annually reviewing strategy, spend and media is too often the “missing piece”. He admits he cannot tell marketers what the right mix is but suggests they get their strategy straight first, so they can make an informed choice, helped by a good media agency.

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