‘To grow, brands need to build more than just salience’

Irrespective of whether brand associations precede or follow usage, new analysis confirms that many brands need to do more than build salience if they are to grow. They also need to make good on any attitudinal weaknesses they might have.

The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute asserts that the recipe for growth is to build a brand’s penetration by increasing its mental and physical availability. Mental availability refers to the need for a brand to come to quickly to mind in relation to a specific need or occasion. Physical availability refers to the need for the brand to be easy to buy. In this age of e-commerce it might seem strange to talk about physical availability when many brands can be shipped to your doorstep, but as many brands hit hard by the pandemic will attest, there are many categories where the customer still needs to physically access a product or service. Think airlines, hotels and retail stores.

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