Tom Goodwin: It’s time for marketers to rise up and take control of product

Despite the chaos, excitement, swirl and hyperbole, it doesn’t always feel like the pace of change is that fast at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which I visited earlier this month. Maybe it’s the long hardware development cycles, maybe it’s that we’re on the edge of what’s possible in material science or perhaps it’s just a lack of ambition and imagination.

This year didn’t feel much like a display of pushing boundaries and developing new things, as much as new combinations of existing things. It was refinement within a paradigm, making sense of what we have, it was new blends and convergence, when it’s divergence that gets the headlines. CES is a wonderful festival of hardware in a world moving to software and services, if you doubt that then just look at the most valuable companies around these days.

It’s time marketers learn from all this.

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