Turnkey Marketing Clouds Fall Short, Here’s How You Can Build Your Own

In the ever-expanding, technologically evolving marketing realm, marketers are expected to master more than ever before—multichannel automation, content personalization options, social sharing tools, and analytics, for starters. A marketing Cloud makes it possible to juggle those numerous and necessary tools without dedicating your every waking moment to the job.

But one question remains: Do you take an all-for-one approach and build a marketing Cloud around the specific needs of your business, or do you take a one-for-all approach and invest in a single vendor that meets as many requirements as possible?

Software providers have responded to the demand with “plug and play” marketing solutions that promise to handle everything at the push of a button. It might sound like a dream come true, but nothing’s perfect. Those turnkey solutions are typically walled off to at least one key component of your marketing tool kit, which means you must sacrifice your ambitions because of software constraints.