Unilever responds to ‘return of nationalism’ with local products focus

Unilever is focusing on local products in response to the “return of nationalism” among consumers and appetite for local products.

Speaking on a results call today (26 January), Unilever’s CEO Paul Polman said it has seen the world become more “multipolar” with local tastes and nationalism playing a bigger role in consumers’ lives.

“This is global. In the UK you like your Marmite and Colman’s and we respect you for that. In the Netherlands people like Unox, which we respect. We actually are very well placed by having the right mix of local and global brands,” he said.

“Some brands are global like Ben & Jerry’s and Dove, doing extremely well for us, but there are some brands more tailored to local markets that fit into our strategy, all with the intention of making whatever country we work in great again.”

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