Vice CEO: Brands investing too much in platforms, not enough in content

This year’s Mobile World Congress agenda has seen a rise in talks about content but it comes at a time where advertisers have numerous platforms to choose from and Vice’s chief executive, Shane Smith, believes that there’s too much investment in the latter.

He said: “If you embrace new technologies you are going to need to have great premium content. Everyone’s investing into platform, platform, platform but what are you going to fill the pipe with?

“At the end of the day algorithms can’t make content people have to make content.”

That content also needs to be exclusive, according to Smith. He gave the example of companies partnering with content providers, and said if AT&T is the only place you can watch Game of Thrones that’s “going to be very good for AT&T” but if you can watch the show everywhere people will not be interested in AT&T having that content.

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