What the coastline paradox reveals about infinite software specialization (in martech and other fields)

After three and a half months of working out of my basement, I was in desperate need of a change of scenery. Preferably somewhere with a lot of outdoor space for hiking and frisbee throwing (a lost art!). No crowds. Lots of nature. Fresh air.

The answer? Renting a small cottage on the sparsely populated mid-coast of Maine. I took the photo above from our porch one evening. Definitely a way better view than my basement.

Now, it turns out that getting from Boston to one of the many forked peninsulas on the Maine coast is an interesting study in distance. From a high-level view in Google Maps, it looks like you’ve got to travel quite a ways from Boston to Portland, and then it’s just a short hop to a spot on the coast north of the city.

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