What the next generation can teach marketers about social media

    By the age of 11 children today are already well versed in how to use social media but what they use it for and how they communicate is not the same as adults. Ahead of their panel discussion at the Festival of Marketing, three kids share their views on brand experiences, peer-to-peer marketing and what really interests them on social media.

    At 12 years old most children are thinking about their maths homework or Pokemon Go, but not Eric Lassard. By the age of nine he had already written and published his first motivational book, ‘The 12 Elements of the Winner Matrix’. Fast-forward three years and he has launched an app, a social platform, developed a board game and founded a theatre company, as well as delivering more than 80 keynote speeches, including one at Web Summit in 2014, and publishing his second book, ‘From Dublin to Silicon Valley’.

    As the ‘the world’s youngest motivational speaker’, he may still be a child but he knows how to connect with his peers to sell himself and the mini empire he is building.

    “Social media is the most powerful form of marketing,” he says. “For the first time in history you can build your identity depending on what you post on social media and that is what matters to brands right now. You have to build an identity that will bring your target audience together. Marketing today is about one simple thing and that is experience.”

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