Where unicorns come from — feeder roles for marketing technologists


    The following is a guest post by Erica Seidel, founder of The Connective Good, a recruitment firm focused on marketing leaders with deep analytical and technical skills. Erica also serves on the advisory board of the MarTech conference series.

    Marketing technologists have burst onto the scene in recent years. These professionals can pinpoint the right technologies and unleash them to make marketing run better. As I’ve noted before in this piece on What Marketing Technologists Want, the right marketing technologist can be the secret weapon for a CMO looking to drive growth — both top-line and bottom-line.

    As a recruiting expert for senior marketing roles, I’ve followed the rise of the marketing technologist closely. I was curious about where marketing technologists are coming from. What are the breeding grounds for them?

    I figured that some quick and dirty research would be helpful to me as I help companies scout great martech talent. So I fired up LinkedIn, and looked at the profiles of 100 professionals whose current title includes the term “marketing technologist.” That was my only search criteria. I did not filter on industry or experience level or geography. And I simply looked at the title each one had just beforehand.

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