Why consumers are looking to spend time offline


    Consumers’ hectic, hyper-digital lifestyles are leading to a desire for escapism and ‘unreality’ that if treated correctly could create an opportunity for brands to connect with people in a more meaningful way.

    Consumers are bombarded by a relentless stream of communication caused by the proliferation of digital devices. But this ‘always-on’ obsession is taking its toll and leading some to search for ways to avoid the fast-paced stresses of modern life.

    Whether it is through ‘digital detox’ or by tapping into an alternative reality, consumers are craving escapism and brands could be best placed to tap into this new found need for a diversion, if they do so in a meaningful way. For example, London’s first naked restaurant The Bunyadi opened last month. Phones are banned, staff and customers are unclothed, there is no electricity – tables are lit by candlelight – and food is cooked over a fire. The idea is to liberate people from the outside world.

    Meanwhile, drinks brand Innocent looked to answer consumers’ need for a digital detox when it conceived the idea for its Unplugged festival, which is now in its second year.

    It offers people a “weekend off the grid to escape their busy, stressful city lives where they are constantly connected to friends, email and overloaded with information”, according to brand activation manager Jamie Sterry.

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