Why does the massive landscape of marketing services firms not bother people the way martech does?

The large size of the marketing technology landscape stirs many emotions in the marketing community. Excitement. Frustration. Awe. Anger. Yes, anger. Just last week, I was hotly accused by someone on LinkedIn of stoking FUD — fear, uncertainty, and doubt — simply by publishing it.

Those vehement reactions always surprise me. It’s just a count of martech companies, dude, arranged as clusters of logos on a slide. It’s not like Galileo telling the Church that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Although maybe in some distantly analogous way it is. Empirical evidence that runs contrary to people’s worldviews — or the way they wish the world was — isn’t always received kindly. Hey, I get it. I appreciate that complexity and uncertainty can be uncomfortable. We crave simplicity and certainty. And the martech landscape offers neither.

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