Why emotional analytics are the next frontier

The algorithm may have fast become global shorthand for the brutal simplicity to be found in data-driven marketing, but the growing focus on emotional analytics is proving that the algorithm can in fact have a heart. It is a shift that will be of great importance for brands and, inevitably, has spawned a new rash of marketing jargon.

Speaking on the phone to Lydia Daly, senior vice-president of social media and branded content strategy at full-service marketing agency Viacom Velocity, it is hard not to imagine that she’s rolling her eyes when she says: “Then we take all that data we’ve gathered and we run it through a tool which analyses it to pull out the ‘emotionality’. Yes, it does kill me a little inside that this is now a word and I hate myself a little bit that it’s one I’m using more and more in business meetings.”

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