Why is Content Marketing Today’s Marketing? 10 Stats That Prove It

    You’ve probably heard that content marketing is the wave of the future. But do you know why? While it’s true that content marketing is massively effective for nearly every company and industry on the globe, many marketers don’t understand why.

    Let’s shine a light on this puzzling (yet fascinating) state of affairs, with 10 statistics that will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that content marketing is today’s marketing.

    1) 200 million people now use ad blockers

    Paid advertisements were all the rage in online marketing. Today, however, consumers are increasingly savvy about opting out of the advertising they would rather not see. In August 2015, approximately 200 million people worldwide had installed ad-blocking software.

    While it is great news for consumers, it’s terrible news for marketers who rely heavily on paid advertisements to spread their brand’s message.

    Luckily, there’s a way to continue marketing efforts without being blocked by the people you’re trying to reach. The secret is content.

    In addition to being impervious to ad-blocking software, good content is something consumers want to interact with, which makes it more effective and welcome on a foundational level.
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