Why marketing and HR should join forces to drive advocacy among employees

Closer collaboration between marketing and HR is helping define brand identity and create customer-centric company culture, as well as helping to nurture and develop future leaders.

As structural transformation takes hold and businesses abandon siloed working in favour of cross-functional collaboration, the relationship between marketing and HR is becoming closer than ever.

Working together to drive agility and customer centricity, marketers and their HR colleagues are collaborating to define company culture and project a consistent brand image all the way from the recruitment process to interacting with consumers.

The current focus on customer experience and digital transformation is having a big impact on HR, according to Econsultancy’s latest report ‘The future of HR in the digital age’, which finds HR teams in many organisations are repositioning to focus on customer-centric strategies.

Responding to a heightened interest in culture, learning and employee engagement, the report finds HR is increasingly playing a critical role in supporting change and encouraging employee empowerment.

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