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The ethics of algorithms and the risks of getting it wrong

2 mei 2019

Machines started showing signs of life in the human imagination as far back as the mid-19th century – perhaps most notably in Samuel Butler’s 1872 …

Colin Lewis: Could a computer write a prize-winning ad campaign?

25 april 2019

Much of what is written about artificial intelligence (AI) is either hype or a variation on the theme about the robots coming to take all …

NIMA Marketing Day – Noor Cloo – Airmiles ‘Wanneer eindigt AI en komt de mens weer in beeld?’

11 april 2019

In aanloop naar NIMA Marketing Day editie 2019 op donderdag 20 juni in DeFabrique in Utrecht stellen we een aantal sprekers alvast aan je voor. …

Why are marketers kidding themselves that AI is about more than sales?

20 maart 2019

Potential applications of machine learning are very broad indeed. But, although AI conjures up images of robot butlers and promises big changes to customer experience, marketing …

Director of marketing data becomes the hottest new role

22 februari 2019

Look for smart organizations in 2019 to create a dedicated marketing role, such as director of marketing data, to establish and drive the human and machine …

De creatief toch overbodig? Watson’s Lexus-commercial onder de loep

11 januari 2019

Commerciële creativiteit was ooit het exclusieve domein van de reclamemakers. Een vak apart. Daar werd je mee geboren. Dat kon verder niemand. Geen accountmensen en …

Opportunities for AI in Content Marketing Easily Explained

9 januari 2019

Until recently, the closest I’ve come to understanding artificial intelligence is knowing that it powered tools in my martech stack (e.g., marketing automation, predictive lead …

Onderzoek data driven marketing: menselijke factor grootste uitdaging

27 november 2018

DDMA, branchevereniging voor data en marketing, deelt vandaag de resultaten van het jaarlijkse Data Driven Marketing Onderzoek onder 192 marketingprofessionals in Nederland. DDMA voerde het …

Kunstmatige intelligentie is hemel op aarde voor consumenten

20 december 2017

Kunstmatige intelligentie zal sneller onderdeel van ons dagelijks leven worden dan welke eerdere technologie dan ook. Die nieuwe technologie zal zorgen voor totaal nieuwe klantbeleving, …

Machine Learning and AI Marketing trends to watch for 2018

8 november 2017

From more sophisticated metrics to a next-generation customer experience, machine learning and artificial intelligence are raising the bar on what marketers can do to enhance …

Recruitment, AI and dark social: The big challenges facing marketers

6 april 2017

Marketing Week caught up with Douglas Lamont, CEO, Innocent Drinks, Leila Fataar, head of culture and entertainment at Diageo Europe and Jeremy Waite, evangelist at …

Marketers should see AI as an opportunity not a threat to their job

12 januari 2017

The rise of artificial intelligence poses a threat to marketers’ roles as we know them today, but rather than be wiped out entirely those that act now …

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