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The big debate: Is it the beginning of the end for the ‘big five’ agency holding groups?

17 oktober 2017

Over the past year, the agency landscape has been under the microscope like never before, with evidence of murky supply chains and agency kick-backs hitting

Creatieve Marketing-ZZP’ers: ‘Marketeer wil merkkapitein zijn’

22 september 2017

De marketeer wil de kapitein van het merk zijn. Maar een in-house agency wil eigenlijk niemand.  Veel liever werkt de marketeer samen met specialisten. Daarbij

10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Your Next B2B Digital Marketing Agency

22 juli 2017

Choosing the right digital marketing agency for your B2B company may sound as overwhelming as making the calculations for an Apollo rocket launch. It may

Marketers returning to commission-based pay models for agencies

24 mei 2017

Marketers are increasingly moving away from paying their agencies based on fees and incentives and instead adopting compensation models in a bid to ‘simplify’ pay

Werken met een creatief collectief (of niet?) Geef je mening!

6 april 2017

Waar loop je tegenaan? Wat zijn je wensen? Hoe zie jij de toekomst? Geef hier je mening. Met de uitkomsten helpen we marketeers en hun

‘Marketers must empower their agencies to fail’

4 april 2017

My cell biology degree course taught me three things: a lifetime’s worth of Simpsons quotes (do NOT get me started), ‘herbal’ cigarettes are not a

Marketers still have ‘their heads in the sand’ around agency rebates

4 oktober 2016

Despite the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) claiming agencies are aware and regularly mandate controversial practices including cash rebates, David Wheldon, CMO of the RBS

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