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CX, data and AI lead 2018 marketing priorities

5 december 2017

  Data, customer experience and artificial intelligence are among the areas that both agencies and brands plan on prioritising in 2018, which promises to be


Marketing budget growth stalls as CMO’s fail to prove ROI

21 november 2017

Growth in marketing budgets has stalled in 2017, with spend hitting a plateau this year after three years of growth. According to a survey of

CMO Diner van Top Marketing Club mindfull richting minder weerstand

9 oktober 2017

De essentie van verandermanagement is continuïteitsmanagement. Het klinkt alsof je tegen een spits zegt dat de aanname van de bal belangrijker is dan het scoren

How to make the transition from technical expert to marketing manager

3 oktober 2017

Being promoted to manager means marketers must deliver their objectives through other people for the first time. It’s a clear step up but it often

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Stuck in the middle: Why marketing managers feel disconnected from the C-suite

2 oktober 2017

Sitting in the middle tier of management, marketing mangers represent the bridge between the C-suite and junior marketers. Responsible for putting the executive team’s vision

Why young marketers are taking a different route to the top

11 september 2017

It has arguably never been a more exciting time to build a career in marketing. It is fast-paced and continually evolving, creating numerous opportunities to

The big debate: Is CMO succession in crisis?

7 september 2017

With brands increasingly looking to external candidates to fill CMO vacancies, how many marketers are waiting for a promotion that will never come and how

‘Oud marketingdirecteur Koninklijke Verkade Koen Regout terug op het nest als managing director’

30 augustus 2017

Koen Regout is benoemd tot managing director van Koninklijke Verkade, de fabrikant van koek- en chocoladeproducten die verkocht worden onder de merknamen Verkade en Sultana. Koninklijke

Register Marketeer Heleen Crielaard Rabobank: ‘Je bent nooit geland’

29 augustus 2017

Heleen Crielaard, Senior Manager Marketing bij Rabobank, mag zich nu Register Marketeer noemen. Een erkenning van haar kennis en kunde, vindt ze. Ze sluit zich

Interview Joris van der Waart, CM: ‘Marketingontwikkeling is geen doel, maar een middel’

24 augustus 2017

Naast reguliere bedrijfsleden, de Business Members, heeft NIMA ook Premium Members. Dit zijn vaak grote organisaties met een heel specifieke marketingstructuur of bijzondere wensen op

IBM’s UK CMO: Marketing leadership means being brave, bold and quick to market

24 augustus 2017

This month saw the launch of Marketing Week’s ‘Anatomy of a Leader’ project, examining the distinguishing characteristics required for marketing leadership. In today’s marketing environment,

‘Marketing leaders need to shape debate in the c-suite’

15 augustus 2017

Some time ago, a CMO asked me to assess his global team’s capabilities. After two years and a six-figure training investment, marketing – in the

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