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Bored With Brainstorming? Try These Five Creativity Boosters

7 juni 2017

Brainstorming has gotten a bad name, at least in its most commonly practiced form: A group of people with a cold start on a problem

Werken met een creatief collectief (of niet?) Geef je mening!

6 april 2017

Waar loop je tegenaan? Wat zijn je wensen? Hoe zie jij de toekomst? Geef hier je mening. Met de uitkomsten helpen we marketeers en hun

Creative campaigns achieve recognition

9 maart 2017

Some 15 campaigns from last year have been recognised for their creativity and effectiveness in the latest industry study from the Gunn Report. But its

Arthur Simonetti

Serious creativity 3*; Setting the scene!

6 maart 2017

* this is the last blog in a series of three on serious creativity. The four components of creating magic In the first two blogs

Arthur Simonetti

Serious creativity 2*: INSIDE or OUTSIDE the BOX?

28 februari 2017

Boxing for ideas As marketers, creativity needs to be second nature to us. But how do we boost our creativity? In this series of blogs,

‘De meest onderschatte kwaliteit in het communicatievak is nadenken’

15 februari 2017

(Door Jos Govaart - SCP) Wat vind jij de beste campagne aller tijden? En waarom vind je juist deze campagne zo briljant? Komt dat door

How should marketers define creativity?

18 november 2016

Defining what "creativity" is, and how it adds to the impact of advertising, remain open questions for marketers, according to a paper published in the

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