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Why diverse teams benefit agencies and brands

23 juli 2020

Marketing teams that are diverse and inclusive stand to gain a range of benefits, which extend from making smarter strategy to achieving greater impact among …

(Opinie Jeroen Mirck SCP) ‘Eindelijk durven merken hun handen te branden aan racisme’

30 juni 2020

Weinig onderwerpen zijn zo beladen als racisme, dus was dat lange tijd een ‘no-go area’ voor merken en adverteerders. De huidige mondiale steun voor de …

The strategic case for diversity

29 januari 2020

These days, it seems you cannot be in a room with a group of marketers for even two minutes without being force-fed the latest spoonful …

Revealed: Marketing’s diversity problem

13 januari 2020

The stark lack of diversity within marketing is a ticking timebomb with the potential to undermine the future creativity and relevance of the industry for …

‘Vrouw ondervertegenwoordigd op marketing-events’ (met toelichting over NMD)

7 maart 2019

Slechts 27% van de sprekers op marketing-events is vrouw. Dit blijkt uit onderzoek van marktonderzoeksbureau Respons in samenwerking met Eventbrite. Eventbrite en Respons hebben conferenties …

Brands and consumers at odds on gender stereotyping

29 januari 2019

The vast majority of marketers reckon they’re doing well when it comes to avoiding gender stereotyping, yet almost half of consumers say advertisers are still …

Stichting IncludeNow wil noodzaak van diversiteit in marketing aantonen

7 mei 2018

Met de diversiteit in het marketingvak is het slecht gesteld. Om daar iets aan te veranderen hebben vier marketingprofessionals in april de stichting IncludeNow opgericht. Daaromheen …

Marketers ‘living in the dark ages’ when it comes to recruiting women

19 februari 2018

Marketers are “living in the dark ages” and have “worrying attitudes” to unlawful behaviour when it comes to recruiting women, according to a new study. …

Making marketing a career option for people from socially diverse backgrounds

15 november 2017

Among the many diversity challenges marketing faces, social diversity is seldom discussed. It’s safe to say in many cases the majority of marketers do not …

LGBTQ+ community ‘least well represented’ in advertising

11 oktober 2017

British consumers believe the LGBTQ+ community is portrayed least accurately in advertising, with many consumers questioning the authenticity of brands’ commitment to social diversity. The …

More women needed to market to women

22 juni 2017

The marketing community not only needs to move away from stereotypical depictions of women in advertising if it is to successfully reach this group, but …

Unilever en United Nations Women slaan handen ineen tegen stereotype reclame

21 juni 2017

Ook grote marktpartijen als WPP, Facebook en Mars, doen mee met ‘Unstereotype Alliance’. ‘Unstereotype Alliance’, zo is het initiatief gedoopt dat genomen is door Unilever …

‘Marketers need to work harder’ insists Thinkbox CEO as brands drop diversity ads

21 februari 2017

Thinkbox CEO Lindsey Clay says it’s “a great shame” that many of the brands shortlisted for Channel 4’s ‘Superhumans Wanted’ competition have since decided not …


The best of 2016: Campaign’s top 10 long reads

31 december 2016

Diversity was by far the biggest topic of the year, and going by Campaign's most-read features of the year, readers were interested in delving further …

Should brands push agencies to meet diversity targets for staff?

24 oktober 2016

Clients could force well-intentioned agencies to make good on their word, Matthew Chapman writes. Agencies like to talk the talk about improving diversity within the …

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