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FMCG crowned the best paid sector for marketers

21 januari 2020

The FMCG sector offers the best pay for marketers, according to the 2020 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey. The analysis of pay across 24 …

(Recensie) Appie Tomorrow

27 juni 2018

Auteur: Rupert Parker Brady Uitgever: Het Boekenschap ISBN:Ā  9789492723123 Eerste druk: 2018 Kernwoorden: retail, ondernemen, shopping, FMCG Boekrecensie door Eric van Arendonk*, Register Marketeer - …

Why are the FMCG giants still seen as the Holy Grail of marketing?

9 april 2018

The B2B marketing mindset of building ongoing relationships with customers rather than seeing them asĀ one-time buyers is being adopted by businesses across the board so …

Pritchard: mass one-to-one marketing is coming

6 december 2017

Procter & Gamble is planning to increase investment in what Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, calls one-to-one marketing at scale. In an exclusive interview with …

Are FMCG brands struggling to realise the promise of direct selling?

25 september 2017

For the FMCG sector the formula for success used to be relatively simple. As long as companies had good relationships with the major high street …

Conny Braams (Unilever): ‘traditionele marketingstrategieĆ«n werken niet meer’

22 september 2016

Na een verblijf van 10 jaar in achtereenvolgens Barcelona en Singapore is Conny Braams terug op het oude Unilever-nest in Rotterdam. Van hieruit leidt ze …

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