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FMCG crowned the best paid sector for marketers

21 januari 2020

The FMCG sector offers the best pay for marketers, according to the 2020 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey. The analysis of pay across 24 …

The key trends that will impact marketers’ jobs in 2019

12 december 2018

  Effectiveness wins the battle over efficiency This prediction might be more wishful thinking than based in reality, but there are signs 2019 could be …

Helen Tupper: Three questions you shouldn’t ask in job interviews

11 december 2018

I spend a lot of time thinking and engaging with others about the changing shape of work and the skills we can all invest in …

Why marketing should lead on flexible working

16 januari 2018

Marketers have a very important part to play in shaping the future of work. Whether it is exploring new ways of working, embracing greater flexibility …

How the gender pay gap impacts female marketers’ career progression

8 januari 2018

The gender pay gap, and its effect on female progression in business, is a pervasive and persistent problem that shows no signs of abating.  According to the …

Thomas Barta: Five ways to make an impact in your career

5 januari 2018

“Let’s talk about your career.” If you ever want to stop a marketer in his or her tracks, try this sentence. Of course, marketers aren’t …

The trends that will change how you do your job in 2018

18 december 2017

From the GDPR opportunity and the purpose backlash to wellbeing as a differentiator, Marketing Week has rounded up all the trends you need to know …

Microsoft: Tech means marketing is now a career option for more people

28 november 2017

Marketing has not always been the most inclusive industry or considered a career option for people with conditions such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, says Paul …

To identify your next move think career possibilities, not career plan

9 november 2017

Many of us struggle to answer the question ‘which role do you want to move to next?’ and even more of us are left frustrated …

‘Van Mulo-vak naar Rocketscience’

16 oktober 2017

Vroeger, toen de dieren nog praten konden, rolde je zo de reclame in. Je las de gratis Adfo, deed wat SRM en een Nimaatje. Je …

Hier kun je als marketing- of communicatieprofessional terecht na je opleiding

16 oktober 2017

Wie zich wil verdiepen of werkervaring op wil doen, kan terecht bij deze initiatieven. Wil je aan de slag wil in de (digitale) marketing-, reclame- of …

‘Marketeers solliciteren zich na zomer een slag in de rondte’

11 oktober 2017

Het aantal gestarte sollicitaties neemt in de breedte toe, maar marketeers spannen de kroon. Oriënteren op een nieuwe baan, en – daaropvolgend – solliciteren op …

One marketer on why being ‘like a Swiss army knife’ is key to career success

28 september 2017

Story of my CV: Visa’s head of global marketing platforms Kim Kadlec worked her way up at agencies before switching to media companies to merge …

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