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Het ideale leiderschap voor merk-engagement

24 augustus 2018

Met twee hittegolven op rij, gaat onze interesse wellicht meer uit naar vakantie dan naar merken. Jammer, want juist in toerisme spelen merken een belangrijke …

Thomas Barta: Watch out for the swing to short-termism

8 juni 2018

There’s no long term without the short term. And when short-term survival is on the agenda, no marketer will win admiration with long-term campaigns. M&S …

Thomas Barta: Leading your boss and colleagues matters more than leading your team

2 februari 2018

Leadership. If there were a prize for the world’s most overused word, I’d give it to leadership. Yet much of today’s leadership buzz still points …

Making marketing a career option for people from socially diverse backgrounds

15 november 2017

Among the many diversity challenges marketing faces, social diversity is seldom discussed. It’s safe to say in many cases the majority of marketers do not …

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