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Marketers fear remote working will ‘compromise’ their brands during coronavirus crisis

16 maart 2020

More than two-thirds (68%) of UK marketers believe their organisation could be compromised by the need to work remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic. An exclusive …

Thomas Barta: Why marketers struggle in a rational world

12 maart 2019

Marketers are more emotional than many of their colleagues, which makes earning respect difficult, but they can gain influence by speaking the language of logic. …

Mark Ritson: It’s time to shut down digital marketing teams for good

20 februari 2019

The news that the Co-op Bank has disbanded ‘digital marketing’ should come as no surprise. For several years senior marketers have been wearily signalling that …

The Most In-Demand Marketing Areas of Expertise by Employers

17 mei 2018

Most marketing leaders expect to expand their teams this year, with digital talent being the most in demand, according to recent research from McKinley Marketing Partners. The report was …

Digital Marketing Management

Rob Beltman (H3ROES): “Marketeer, ken je plek!”

5 februari 2018

Marketeers zouden minder bezig moeten zijn met de marketing van de organisatie en meer met de organisatie van marketing." Dit is een gevleugelde uitspraak van …

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