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HSBC: Young marketers job-hop more and don’t necessarily aim to be CMOs

9 november 2017

Young marketers are often characterised as optimistic, keen and ambitious. However, they can also be seen as fleeting, hopping from job to job to work

To identify your next move think career possibilities, not career plan

9 november 2017

Many of us struggle to answer the question ‘which role do you want to move to next?’ and even more of us are left frustrated

The 5 Most Important Skills to Cultivate in Your Marketing Department

25 april 2017

When it’s time to bring in a new addition to your marketing team, finding the right person can be an arduous task. This article discusses

Curious, accountable and collaborative: The key characteristics a marketer must possess

27 maart 2017

Marketing Week caught up with three top marketers at Marketing Week Live to discuss what the marketing team of the future will look like. By

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Het b2b-marketingteam anno 2020

21 december 2016

De introductie van digitale trends in b2b-marketing heeft ons vak op vele manieren makkelijker gemaakt. Tegelijkertijd heeft er - mede door de digitalisering - een grote

How to build a marketing team from scratch

21 oktober 2016

Managing a marketing team is one thing but creating one from the ground up in line with rapid business growth requires additional focus. One of the many

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