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NIMA Kennistoets: Peilstok voor de hele afdeling

27 augustus 2018

NIMA heeft een Kennistoets ontwikkeld die het héle marketingteam kan doormeten en die in kaart brengt waar de sterktes en de zwaktes van het team …

Marketers ‘living in the dark ages’ when it comes to recruiting women

19 februari 2018

Marketers are “living in the dark ages” and have “worrying attitudes” to unlawful behaviour when it comes to recruiting women, according to a new study. …

What makes a good marketing employer?

10 mei 2017

It is vital for brands to differentiate in today’s increasingly crowded consumer space but the same principles apply to the employer and employee relationship, where …

Curious, accountable and collaborative: The key characteristics a marketer must possess

27 maart 2017

Marketing Week caught up with three top marketers at Marketing Week Live to discuss what the marketing team of the future will look like. By …

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