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The era of price promotions is over

5 april 2017

One of the biggest and strangest reversals in recent marketing history is taking place, unnoticed by most, in the supermarket aisles of the UK. In

‘Most brands can learn nothing from Apple and Nike’

31 januari 2017

I have a confession to make. A heresy that I can probably only say under cover of the Secret Marketer name, and one that will ensure I

Dit worden de tien thema’s van de NIMA Marketing Day

26 januari 2017

Op dinsdag 20 juni 2017 organiseert NIMA voor de eerste maal in zijn geschiedenis de NIMA Marketing Day, waarop álle ruim 3.500 bij NIMA aangesloten

Rudy Moenaert

Digital Fluidity – No Line on the Horizon

25 januari 2017

Our world is in a state of constant disarray. Let's not blame it on Trump, Putin or Farage. It is the incessant influx of digital

Study: Majority Of People More Loyal To Brands That Care About Them

25 januari 2017

Put aside engagement, site visits, and app downloads for a second. Companies, instead, should focus on generating “wantedness,” according to a new study by Wunderman.

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