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Blockchain marketing technology landscape grows 400%

28 februari 2018

Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop Marketing, a boutique marketing agency for blockchain startups, and one of the world’s foremost authorities on the adoption of blockchain

The big debate: Is coding a must-have skill for marketers?

15 mei 2017

Highly creative, commercially savvy and digitally literate – just some of the attributes required of marketers in 2017. And it doesn’t stop there. Over the

Why the false dichotomy between adtech and martech is dysfunctional

6 maart 2017

Would you agree that advertising is one facet of marketing? Yes? Okay, then advertising technology (adtech) is naturally one facet of marketing technology (martech). If

15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Marketing Automation

22 februari 2017

  Say goodbye to mundane, repetitive tasks in the workplace: Automation is finally taking off. Marketers, specifically, are tapping into the power of automation, freeing

Marketers should see AI as an opportunity not a threat to their job

12 januari 2017

The rise of artificial intelligence poses a threat to marketers’ roles as we know them today, but rather than be wiped out entirely those that act now

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