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#NIMAMD Patrick Kuijsters – SNS ‘Anders was ik piloot geworden’

30 mei 2017

Patrick Kuijsters is sinds het begin van dit jaar Register Marketeer en oogste bewondering en - ook wel - verbazing met de strakke en rigide herpositionering

How to Write a Style Guide for Your Brand

10 mei 2017

Sometimes branding fails are caused by something getting lost in translation. For example, when Coors translated its slogan, “Turn It Loose,” into Spanish, it used

Consumers will spend more on simple brand experiences

3 februari 2017

Being classed as ‘simple’ isn’t always seen as a positive but when it comes to brand proposition, being simple is most definitely an advantage. The majority

Unilever responds to ‘return of nationalism’ with local products focus

26 januari 2017

Unilever is focusing on local products in response to the “return of nationalism” among consumers and appetite for local products. Speaking on a results call

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