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Do Consumers Want Businesses to Take Political and Social Stands?

24 januari 2018

Most US consumers say it is important for companies to take stands on social/political issues, but most also say corporate activism should revolve around only …

Harjot Singh (McCann): “Brands have more power to change the world than governments do.”

24 januari 2018

What would you say to the many cynics of brand purpose strategies that argue that it is a fad that is falling out of fashion? …

Register Marketeers Hooplot & Boer: ‘Purpose met kleine of grote P?’ 

23 januari 2018

    Purpose. Het sloop erin. Tot enige jaren terug lag geen marketeer er wakker van. Dezer dagen wordt het te pas en te onpas …

Wat is de waarde van purpose marketing?

11 januari 2018

Net nu je denkt dat je het begrijpt en je vol met je team voor de beleveniseconomie gaat, duikt er een nieuw fenomeen op: purpose …

(Blog Arthur Simonetti – DSM/NIMA B2B) Purpose and core competencies: the new strategic compass!

9 januari 2018

Are we losing long-term perspective in strategy development? Door Arthur Simonetti* Do we still need a long-term vision if our strategic planning cycles are shortening …

For brand purpose to work ‘marketers must take a broader perspective

16 augustus 2017

While the purpose of marketing is the same as it has always been, the way in which brands engage with brands is fundamentally changing. If …

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