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‘Will this be the year the online advertising bubble bursts?’

15 januari 2018

The story of how Joe Kennedy preserved his family fortune when so many others lost their shirts has passed into legend. When he started getting

The big debate: Is it the beginning of the end for the ‘big five’ agency holding groups?

17 oktober 2017

Over the past year, the agency landscape has been under the microscope like never before, with evidence of murky supply chains and agency kick-backs hitting

LGBTQ+ community ‘least well represented’ in advertising

11 oktober 2017

British consumers believe the LGBTQ+ community is portrayed least accurately in advertising, with many consumers questioning the authenticity of brands’ commitment to social diversity. The

Tube passengers like ads

2 oktober 2017

Travellers on the London Underground are generally positive about seeing ads in that environment with attention levels high even at busy times, research has found.

Creatieve Marketing-ZZP’ers: ‘Marketeer wil merkkapitein zijn’

22 september 2017

De marketeer wil de kapitein van het merk zijn. Maar een in-house agency wil eigenlijk niemand.  Veel liever werkt de marketeer samen met specialisten. Daarbij

‘Top-adverteerders nog maar voor een derde afhankelijk van payed media’

14 juli 2017

De top 20 realiseert gemiddeld gezien bijna tweederde van de mediawaarde via earned media, maar de verschillen zijn groot per merk. Owned media dragen veruit

Authenticity starts with missing the annual booze-up at Cannes

26 juni 2017

Perhaps you noticed the distinct absence of young, bearded men in your vicinity last week. Maybe you spotted a dramatic reduction in late lunches in the

Unilever en United Nations Women slaan handen ineen tegen stereotype reclame

21 juni 2017

Ook grote marktpartijen als WPP, Facebook en Mars, doen mee met ‘Unstereotype Alliance’. ‘Unstereotype Alliance’, zo is het initiatief gedoopt dat genomen is door Unilever

Marketers returning to commission-based pay models for agencies

24 mei 2017

Marketers are increasingly moving away from paying their agencies based on fees and incentives and instead adopting compensation models in a bid to ‘simplify’ pay

‘Marketers must empower their agencies to fail’

4 april 2017

My cell biology degree course taught me three things: a lifetime’s worth of Simpsons quotes (do NOT get me started), ‘herbal’ cigarettes are not a

Creative campaigns achieve recognition

9 maart 2017

Some 15 campaigns from last year have been recognised for their creativity and effectiveness in the latest industry study from the Gunn Report. But its

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