Tag: Segmentatie

‘Jonge marketeers moeten vastgeroeste ideeën over seniorenmarketing loslaten’

13 november 2017

Het wordt tijd dat we vastgeroeste ideeën over seniorenmarketing loslaten. Want niet alle 50-plussers zijn hetzelfde. Een nieuwe generatie ouderen is zeker ‘in’ voor nieuwe

Should your brand launch a youth sub-brand?

18 september 2017

Marketers are always talking about wanting to appeal to millennials but a number of brands are now taking this a step further and launching sub-brands

Mark Ritson: Only crap marketers mistake stereotypes for segments

12 september 2017

There has always been a very uncomfortable proximity between segments and stereotypes. The only difference is data. If I say that women like pink and

Mark Ritson: There’s a new weapon in the targeting armoury Psychographic segmentation

15 februari 2017

Psychographic segmentation has been out of favour for a while despite its obvious usefulness, but combining it with behavioural and addressable data creates a potent

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