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How rethinking qualitative research can help brands understand Generation Z

16 juni 2018

Marketers need to rethink how to research young people since traditional qualitative research methods no longer work for Gen Z, according to an industry figure.

The eight types of marketing mind

4 juni 2018

As a marketer, you probably spend much of your day thinking about segments of customers, but have you ever wondered which segment of marketers you

Waarom marketeers moeten kijken naar cultuur en niet naar regio

6 februari 2018

In marketingcommunicatie is de wereld ingedeeld in regio’s, maar per land zijn de culturele verschillen enorm. Dan kun je er met je campagne behoorlijk naast

‘Jonge marketeers moeten vastgeroeste ideeën over seniorenmarketing loslaten’

13 november 2017

Het wordt tijd dat we vastgeroeste ideeën over seniorenmarketing loslaten. Want niet alle 50-plussers zijn hetzelfde. Een nieuwe generatie ouderen is zeker ‘in’ voor nieuwe

Should your brand launch a youth sub-brand?

18 september 2017

Marketers are always talking about wanting to appeal to millennials but a number of brands are now taking this a step further and launching sub-brands

Mark Ritson: Only crap marketers mistake stereotypes for segments

12 september 2017

There has always been a very uncomfortable proximity between segments and stereotypes. The only difference is data. If I say that women like pink and

Mark Ritson: There’s a new weapon in the targeting armoury Psychographic segmentation

15 februari 2017

Psychographic segmentation has been out of favour for a while despite its obvious usefulness, but combining it with behavioural and addressable data creates a potent

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