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TV the ‘least risky’ form of advertising, finds new research

21 november 2019

TV is the “least risky” form of advertising, providing the most consistent return on investment when compared to other media channels, according to new research. …

Ignoring TV is a strange choice for a big brand

6 november 2019

’Tis almost the season to be jolly. And with just seven weeks to go before Christmas the inevitable flood of festive advertising is starting to …

FMCG brands and the future of TV

9 september 2019

The growth of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands has been intrinsically linked to mass reach media, but brands now face difficult choices when it comes …

‘Digital TV must overcome its contradictions if it wants to attract more ad dollars’

14 augustus 2019

If you talk to a young person about linear TV, they may snigger at the idea of checking listings in a print newspaper, writing out …

Marketers undervalue the impact of traditional media channels

13 maart 2018

Marketers are overestimating the effectiveness and value of digital media channels such as online video and social media compared to more traditional formats such as …

World Television Day: hoe is het anno 2017 met broadcasting?

21 november 2017

Het is vandaag World Television Day. De Verenigde Naties deze dag in 1996 uit om stil te staan bij de kracht en veelzijdigheid van televisie. …

TV is the ‘beating heart’ of a major campaign

19 september 2017

Digital developments and new platforms have their place, but TV can still act as the beating heart of any major advertising campaign, an industry figure …

Lineaire kijktijd daalt structureel en fors sinds april 2015

11 januari 2017

De kijktijd in de doelgroep 20-49 is in twee jaar met 15 procent gedaald. Dat blijkt uit cijfers van GroupM over 2016 in vergelijking met het …

NIMA Update

Gen X, Y and Z agree traditional ads are better than digital

11 januari 2017

A lot has been made about the gap between how millennials and their elders perceive advertising. However, according to new data from Kantar Millward Brown, …

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