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Who is tomorrow’s marketer?

24 april 2020

The marketing skillset is changing rapidly; by prioritising upskilling, soft skills and implementing continuous learning, brands can develop more effective marketing teams, says a leading specialist in media executive search.

This month, The WARC Guide looks at important structural considerations for brand marketers looking to drive more effective marketing – including the need for marketing departments to remain responsive and agile in a constantly changing digitally-powered world. (Subscribers can read the full report here.)

In Skillsets of the modern marketer: How to create a balanced, effective team, Joanna Reesby, partner and founder of media executive search firm Mission Bay, notes that while the core challenge faced by marketers remains much the same as it ever was – identifying the consumer, reaching them and motivating them to buy – the tools required to manage that have multiplied hugely, thanks to the volume of data now being captured.

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