5 steps to prepare for your next advertising campaign pitch

Imagine. You’ve spent months trying to arrange a meeting with your dream client. After all that hard work, you have one hour to give that perfect campaign, PR, or advertising pitch. Nerve-wracking, right?

But there’s a fine line between blowing them away and blowing your chances. We guarantee if you follow the 5 steps outlined below, your advertising campaign pitch will knock their socks off.

1. Know your audience and your audience’s audience

Before you dive into a public relation, marketing, or ad pitch, it is critical you know a client’s business inside and out.

Once you’re hired, there’s no time to waste playing catch-up; you need to hit the ground running. Demonstrate that you know their business like the back of your hand by loading your campaign pitch with consumer insights and tailored details.

With the unique complications of COVID-19, it’s now more important than ever to know what consumers are saying and when.

Talkwalker’s Quick Search tool is an incredibly helpful tool for agencies. Understand the conversations surrounding your client’s brand to pitch advertising ideas based on what the market is buzzing about.

Thanks to real-time social listening, advertisers could gather extremely useful brand insights to add to an advertising pitch, usually with a 13-month overview, as well as a 7-day analysis. 13 months gives advertisers a general overview of the brand, so they observe what really matters to the audience overall. On the flip side, 7 days helps advertisers understand what’s important right now.

2. Don’t forget the competition

Decision-makers have an eye on what their competitors are doing.

Advertisers like to give them something to look at, with competitor analysis. Consumers generally think of 5 brands, so advertisers must take a careful look at the client and their top 4 competitors.

Impersonation may be the highest form of flattery, but blatant copying will get you zero brownie points during a creative pitch in advertising.

So, let’s dig a little deeper. See if anyone is engaging with an audience your potential client is missing. And check what tools and messages they’re using to engage that target audience.

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