The Most and Least Important PR and Corporate Communications Tactics and Trends

Corporate communications and public relations professionals say engaging in better storytelling is the tactic/trend that will matter most over the next year, according to recent research from Sword and the Script Media and Ned Lundquist’s Job of the Week.

The report was based on data from a survey conducted in February 2018 among 155 corporate communications and PR professionals.

Respondents rank storytelling as the trend/tactic that will matter most over the next 12 months.

Content marketing ranks second, followed by thought leadership, aligning with Marketing, and influencer marketing.

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What Makes a Great ‘About Us’ Page [Infographic]

about us

All too often, the “About Us” page of a website is brushed aside, filled with a block of text about the company’s history, and left to grow stale.

Big mistake. Because aside from representing your brand, the “About Us” page can also help drive customers to purchase, say the folks at Siege Media. They created a list of 50 Inspiring ‘About Us’ Page Examples and note that customers who view your “About Us” page spend 22.5% more than those who don’t.

The content marketing agency analyzed 50 “About Us” pages to see what made them good, and inspiration from those pages is complied into one infographic.

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Suits & Hoodies – Quintin Schevernels

Een aantal bestaande Amerikaanse modellen wordt vereenvoudigd weergegeven. Iets wat de Hoodies vast weten te waarderen; Een heerlijk leesbaar boek voor de generatie jonge ondernemers van nu.

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